Website Designing and Development

Along with the designing of the website we have one value added course which help you to develop a dynamic and database oriented website.

In short student will start doing programming and develop a website which will be managed through Administrative panel which helps the user to manage the website from the backend without having any knowledge of website. Isn’t it an interesting topic?

Industry inclines toward exact and profitable approaches to satisfy their customer’s request. On the off chance that one codes a site physically then it takes weeks or months. In result, we are offering CMS or Content Management System preparing too on WordPress.

Introduction to Website 

  • What is a Website
  • Why Web Accessibility is Important
  • Domain
  • Web server
  • Web browser

Key Takeaways:

  • Developing a dynamic website
  • Plugins and Theme Development
  • Discovering Databases
  • Creating E-commerce Website


  • Introduction to PHP
  • Setting Up Environment for PHP
  • Server setup and Editors for PHP
  • Core PHP
  • Advanced PHP
  • Object Oriented PHP


  • Getting Started with MySQL and Database
  • SQL Basics
  • Operators in MySQL
  • Querying Your Data
  • More Complex SQL (Joining)
  • Security
  • Project Building A Database Application


  • Installing WordPress
  • Exploring Various Options in WordPress
  • Creating Your First WordPress Website
  • Tips to Remember for Better SEO of a WordPress Website
  • Theme Development in WordPress
  • Woocommerce
  • Moving WordPress Site to Your Server

Software and Tools we use

  • Xampp/Wampp
  • Sublime Text3
  • Google Chrome

Interesting Facts

  • Hacking
  • Fishing
  • Malicious codes