Rules & Regulations

Candidate will have to come regularly in time and finish the assignment in given time frames.Candidate completing the given assignment and are having 75% attendance can appear for six months (2nd Semester) Examination.

At the end of the course Final Examination will be conducted and the candidate passing the exam will be awarded certificate by IT Program course ADCA one year period should be allowed for preparation of the certificate and getting it signed by authorities.

The Online Examination conducted by MICRO INDIA Computer Education (2nd Semester & 4th Semester).

Our Protocols

Due to some unavoidable Circumstances (e.g.) electricity failure, Faults or some technical problems regarding computers if the class is not conducted by the institute, alternative arrangements will be made us and when possible.

The respective candidate will have to attend the class at that time. Every candidate should abide by the rules and regulations of the Institute.

All the equipments and computers of the institute have to handle carefully and as per given instructions.

If there is any loss due to carelessness, the concerned candidate will have pay penalty for the damages.

Those student who will pass the Scholarship Exams then Scholarship provided upto B.C.A,, M.C.A, only.